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What I had before was a horse and cart. This is a Ferrari.

This will be life changing for many people.

MND patient only able to move one finger

I would just like to say how amazing the Jaybee system is, it enabled us to have a proper conversation for the first time in two years and that was a great leap forwardr
We appreciated the ease of use of the system it was a great asset to us both. I would  recommend JayBee to anyone in a similar situation as the voice being English was much better than other voices. Once phrases are entered into the system it so easy to retrieve them to speak

So overall a great invention which will help a lot of people to communicate better

Wife of MND sufferer

Hi Jaybee is proving to be a great asset already.  I love it already !!!  Its the best thing for speech for this disease. Thanks once again.

Comment made after 2 days usage by MND suferrer

My mum has MND and is using Jaybee  .... it is an amazing piece of software for people with this condition to enable them to communicate ... please look at the website if you or a family member have MND it will change their life completely

Comment made by daughter of MND sufferer.

Congratulations on this communication system. With little practice the user can achieve fast and fluent communication. With a few clicks using shortcuts and keywords the correct sentence is available. I know of no system which is comparable in its speed and ease of use. I have tried several systems over a period of 2 years, but JayBee is in another league all together.

Comment made by German ALS patient using German Version of JayBee

JayBee is a new generation of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems. Although JayBee was initially designed with the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) patient in mind it will enable individuals with a wide variety of illnesses and varying degrees of disability to communicate through speech.


JayBee uses Artificial Intelligence to assist the user in fast construction of words, phrases and partial phrases. JayBee uses extremely realistic voices which speak with correct phrasing and intonation. JayBee uniquely is delivered with British voices produced in the United Kingdom by CereProc. In addition to the voices supplied, any English speaking SAPI 5 (e.g. American, Canadian, Australian etc.) voice can be used by JayBee.

JayBee learns exactly how the user communicates and assists them in producing extremely fast access to the most relevant words and phrases. The more you use JayBee, the more it adapts.

JayBee allows a number of input methods and adapts to the specific usage of the individual using it. These include:-


• Keyboard
• Virtual on screen keyboards (various)
• Mouse
• Touch Screen
• Predictive Text Keyboard
Camera Mouse
• Switches

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