JayBee is a new generation of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system specifically designed to enable individuals with varying degrees of disability to communicate through speech.
  • Minimum System Requirements
  • For optimal performance the Software should only be installed on systems complying with the following minimum requirements:        


    Operating System

       o Windows XP Service Pack 2 or

       o Windows Vista Service Pack 1 or

       o Windows System 7


    PC Processor

    o Recommended 2 GHz

    o Minimum 1.6 GHz

Sound Card & Speakers



    o Recommended 2 Gb

    o Minimum 1 Gb


Free Disk Space

    o Recommended 1 Gb

    o Minimum 200 Mb


Screen Resolution

    o Recommended 1024x768

    o Minimum 1024x600


    The system will run with the minimum specification but with a reduced speed


  • End User License Agreement
  • It is essential that you read the EULA.


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  Or Purchase. £250 + VAT.


V1.7 Download (Only possible with User Name & Password)


V1.7 Upgrade (Only possible when Previous Version loaded)






View the minimum systems requirements and End User License Agreement (left).



VAT exempt purchase.



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